ZERO8 RESTAURANT. GLUTEN & ALLERGEN FREE pioneers - Welcome to our crowdfunding relocation and expansion program!
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ZERO8 est un projet audacieux et unique.  ZERO8 est un émetteur fermé.  Si vous êtes un investisseur qualifié au sens de la loi et des règlements de l'Autorité des Marchés Financiers, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter à This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  pour discuter avec nous des opportunités et de nos plans d'affaires.


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  •                    ZERO8 is about ... a promise!
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  •                    ZERO8 is about ... food safety
  •                    ZERO8 is about ... delicious food
  •                    ZERO8 is ... an experience!
Last update : Dec 7th

ZERO8: An ambitious

crowdfunding project

is in your hands! 

Special thanks to Ottawa Anaphylaxis Support Group (OASG)  for site translation!


For allergic people everywhere, as well as their friends and family!

As you know, the ZERO8 restaurant in Montreal’s Latin Quartier closed its doors due to prohibitive downtown rental costs. Since then, we have received countless messages of encouragement from all over Québec, and even from Toronto, Toulouse and Switzerland!

We have been pioneers in the restaurant industry with our ability to offer gluten- and priority allergen-free dining. During our 5 years of operation, we served hundreds of thousands of dishes free of gluten and priority allergens, which makes us uniquely able to operate other ZERO8 restaurants in more economically viable locations.

Unfortunately, restaurant industry projects are considered fairly audacious and no longer financed by banks.

So… the opening of the next ZERO8 restaurant is in your hands!


Luckily, there are 500,000 of us in Québec!


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In Québec alone, there are 300,000 people with food allergies, 70,000 with celiac disease, and many others suffering from various food intolerances. Could we, with the help of our friends and family, revive ZERO8 using crowdfunding?


We only need 5,000 supporters to open one ZERO8! Imagine if we had 20,000!


Here are the project details:

As soon as we’ve reached our goal of $250,000 (about 5,000 supporters), we will get to work opening a ZERO8 restaurant with a central kitchen capable of supporting future franchisees. The additional funding will be put aside to help future franchisees start up their own ZERO8 restaurants in the greater Montreal area, Quebec City, Gatineau, Rimouski or elsewhere!


  • $250,000 = the opening of a "central" ZERO8 in the metropolitan area of Montréal

  • $375,000 = $125,000 to help a future franchisee in a location that YOU will have influenced

  • $500,000 = $125,000 for a third ZERO8!


You buy a package that includes a "brick" or a piece of brick, according to your means! Our packages also come with valuable gift certificates! Check out our offers below in the PACKAGES section on page 3.


How much?
We are hoping for an average contribution of between $50 and $100. So, we’d need between 4,000 and 5,000 supporters to reach the initial stage of our project. If you can afford more, please don’t hesitate to shop for our Silver or Gold bricks, or even for a marble plaque engraved with the name of your family!

In the PACKAGES section on page 3, you’ll see 6 creative ways to help! In each case, the money will be deposited in a trust account until our objectives are met, at which point the project will begin! Otherwise, you will be reimbursed.


$250,000? Does it really cost that much?
Yes, and if the entrepreneur in you is interested, read the online article "How much does a ZERO8 cost?” (available in French only). The first restaurant must have a central kitchen, so the costs for it are higher than they will be for future franchises.

We haven’t decided where the next ZERO8 will be, but by contributing, you will influence the choice of the location! If our first crowdfunding project works, we’ll use it to propel ZERO8 to the four corners of Quebec, and perhaps elsewhere!

Whether you have allergies, are celiac or are a friend who wants to help, together, we can do it!

Zero8, Zero Stress!


You can:

  • contribute immediately by PayPal (no need to have an account – you can pay directly by credit card)

  • send a cheque payable to: "Alimentation ZERO8 en fidéicommis" with your order (available in French only)

Please send any comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Your comments and questions are welcome!




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